The Importance Of A Clean Record

In today’s world, a prior criminal offense on your record can have a profound impact on your future. Most prospective employers look to see whether a person has a criminal history as a part of the hiring process, and background checks are often required the application process for coaching/volunteering positions. Fortunately, Rhode Island enjoys one of the most lenient laws to allow the expungement or sealing of a person’s criminal records. My name is Tom O’Brien and I have the experience to help you with this process.

Put 20 Years Of Experience On Your Side

I have spent more than 20 years handling motions to expunge and motions to seal in every court in Rhode Island. As a former prosecutor, I handled thousands of expungement motions, and I filed countless more on behalf of my clients as a defense attorney. My experience will work for you as I go over any questions you may have about your prior case. I will explain new developments in Rhode Island’s expungement statute that may allow for your case to be cleared. At The Law Offices of Thomas H. O'Brien, you will find the legal help you need with an expungement case anywhere in Rhode Island.

I can assist qualifying clients with having their criminal records expunged regarding many different criminal convictions. Pursuant to Rhode Island General Law, individuals previously convicted of certain criminal offenses may be eligible to have the records associated with that conviction permanently expunged. I am available to represent clients with expungement matters in each courtroom, and in every county, in Rhode Island.

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