Drug Offenses

Fighting Against Drug Crime Charges

Once an arrest is made and charges are brought, most people are confused and possibly frightened. It makes sense. Even though illegal drugs carry less of a social stigma than they once did, the legal penalties for a drug crime conviction can be severe. Loss of driving privileges, incarceration, heavy fines and a ruined reputation could all be part of a conviction. You need a strong defense against these charges.

At The Law Offices of Thomas H. O'Brien, I provide strong criminal defense against drug crime charges. For more than 20 years I have been serving clients throughout Rhode Island in all types of criminal law matters, including my experience as a prosecutor. This experience gives me a unique insight into the strategies to employ to help your case. I will do everything I can to get your charges dropped or at least minimize the consequences.

How Drug Crime Charges Are Handled

While many have called for the legalization of various controlled substances, drug/narcotics offenses remain the largest portion of the cases charged in Rhode Island District and Superior courts. As a former prosecutor within the Narcotics Unit of the Attorney General’s Office, I am keenly aware of the types of defenses that are available to defendants facing drug charges.

The analysis of any drug case defense requires a thorough review of all investigative materials produced by the charging police department. From there, experienced defense counsel will examine the credible evidence against settled constitutional law and Rhode Island Supreme Court decisions. Every possible defense should be aggressively employed to ensure the best result in your serious drug case.

As a former narcotics prosecutor and defense attorney over more than 20 years, I will utilize every possible defense and explore recent developments in alternative sentencing options (diversion court, drug court) for you in your narcotics case.

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