Domestic Violence

Defending Clients Against Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence, just by simply mentioning the words, can evoke great emotions for many in our society. Many times, those accused of domestic violence are viewed with prejudice and presumed guilty by the public at large – including law enforcement, family and employers – whether the charges are proven or not. If you are facing domestic violence charges, you need a strong defense from an experienced lawyer.

At The Law Offices of Thomas H. O'Brien, I provide a strong defense against domestic violence and other criminal charges. With more than 20 years of experience working throughout Rhode Island in all types of criminal cases, I understand the challenges you are facing, and I can provide an effective defense against these charges.

Domestic Violence Law

Domestic violence refers to a number of different criminal offenses that occur between household or family members. These offenses include domestic assault, domestic vandalism, domestic disorderly conduct, and more serious felony offenses like domestic strangulation. A domestic violence charge may be alleged between spouses, former spouses, adult persons related by blood or marriage, adult persons who are presently residing together, and persons who have a child in common, or between persons who are or have been in a substantive dating or engagement relationship.

Serious Criminal Charges

Any domestic violence crime is a serious matter which immediately requires the attention and services of a competent lawyer. If you or a loved one is found guilty of domestic violence, your sentence will include mandatory conditions of lengthy counseling sessions, a no-contact order and a surrender of firearms. Importantly, if you are convicted, a subsequent allegation within five years would lead to enhanced penalties and a mandatory jail sentence.

Call On An Experienced Defense Attorney

I have extensive experience dealing with domestic violence cases in every courtroom in the state of Rhode Island. I understand the difficulty in proving a domestic violence charge as well as the best strategies for defending against one. The emotion involved in these cases is difficult enough; you will need an experienced and skilled criminal defense lawyer at your side in the criminal courtroom.

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