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When you are ready to choose an attorney to represent you in a serious legal problem, you want to know that the attorney is experienced, skilled and ready to fight for you throughout your case. When you know who is representing your needs, you earn peace of mind that you are protecting your future. I am attorney Tom O’Brien of The Law Offices of Thomas H. O'Brien. Upon graduating law school, I worked as an associate in a small firm in Providence where I enjoyed success in a variety of matters, including landlord and tenant evictions, divorce cases, zoning matters and DEM appeals. I then spent the next 16 years as a criminal prosecutor in the Rhode Island Department of the Attorney General.

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My Criminal Law Experience

As a Special Assistant Attorney General, I tried bail hearings and probation/bail violation hearings in Rhode Island District Courts. I also tried countless numbers of DUI and Breathalyzer refusal matters before moving on to Superior Court jury trials. My felony trial experience includes over 30 jury trials with a history of success in capital cases to include murder, sexual assault, burglary, robbery and narcotics delivery cases. I was one of few prosecutors to successfully prosecute multiple life without parole murder cases. In my 16 years in the criminal justice system, I handled nearly every felony chargeable under Rhode Island Law in courtrooms throughout the State of Rhode Island. I decided to open my own law practice in order to use my skills to help Rhode Island citizens with the legal help they need during the most difficult times.

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I offer my clients more than 20 years of experience in meticulous representation in criminal defense, family law, and personal injury. The outcomes in these kinds of cases have a serious impact on the future of my clients, and I want to be sure I am fighting to earn their best possible future. It is always my goal to leave my clients in a better position than when we first met.

The sooner you get an attorney for your legal problems, the sooner they can get to work to defend you. If you are ready to come and schedule your free initial consultation at my Warwick office, call me at 401-753-0094 or email me here. Set up your appointment today so we can discuss how to defend your future today.